Everyday OT provides quality care and attention to parents and children who require occupational therapy.

We are committed to providing a client centered approach to our sessions. We work with the child and family to choose occupational performance related goals (what do you want and need to do?) and then structure our therapy sessions to work towards these goals (how are we going to get there?).

Much of the work we do with our clients are based on play, and children learn best when they are motivated and play is a wonderful way to achieve this. We also incorporate sensory integration and motor development theory in all our sessions. For example; When developing hand writing skills, we use games and activities that develop visual motor skills, visual spatial skills, fine and gross motor skills and self regulation skills.

We would be happy to talk to you about your needs and goals and help put in place a plan that will be beneficial to everyone concerned.

"It's what we do everyday that makes the difference."

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