Carolyn Lotawa


In 2011 I completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy) BHSc(OT) degree at AUT. I am a registered member of New Zealand Occupational Therapist (NZROT) and the New Zealand Association of Occupational Therapists (MNZAOT). I have also gained qualifications in Australia with an Associate Diploma of Social Studies (Child Studies) and an Associate Diploma of Recreation.

My experience contracting in private paediatric practice and has been instrumental in establishing a martial arts based therapy program and an aquatic sensory integration based occupational therapy program back in 2012. Currently my aquatic and martial arts program are on the back burner while I concentrate on the other programs I have developed over the last 5 years; Hangout with Mates, Everyday Adventure Day Camp, Leap, Next Steps and the highly successful Everyday Skate after school program. These programs have been well received by our families resulting in children far exceeding the goals they set at the beginning of each term.

I sincerely believe children learn best in a structured, fun and playful environment which these programs have proven to my families and I over the years. I also believe that learning and growth opportunities should not only be confined to a weekly therapy session but that it should carry through to daily tasks and activities we do every day. I’m passionate about what we do and would welcome and opportunity to talk to you about your needs and concerns.

Focus of Therapy

We are committed to providing a client centred approach to our sessions. We work with the child and family to choose occupational performance related goals (what do you want and need to do?) and then structure our therapy sessions to work towards these goals (how are we going to get there?). Much of the work we do with our clients are based on play, and children learn best when they are motivated and play is a wonderful way to achieve this. We also incorporate sensory integration and motor development theory in all our sessions. For example; When developing hand writing skills, we use games and activities that develop visual motor skills, visual spatial skills, fine and gross motor skills and self regulation skills.

"Thank you Carolyn. Really pleased to have our son have this opportunity with you in a safe small group."
"Just to say a big thank you for today! Our daughter had a super time and enjoyed all the activities especially the kayaking and archery."
"Our son came home one very proud little boy! It did wonders for his self esteem and sounds like he had to push himself socially too. We are very proud of him and thank you so much for your good work."
"Carolyn, thank you so much for the work you have done with our child. We started the school year with so much frustration: the teachers were at their wits end, my child felt dumb, and I was frustrated and sad and considering all my options. You have been so wonderful for us. Your ability to see his challenging behaviour for what it was - and your kind and positive approach allowed him to face the things that were challenging him. My child's handwriting, behaviour and self-confidence have improved enormously. He is having more success at school both socially and academically. You have been an enormous support for both him and myself, and the programme has been excellent."
Penny - mother of 2

Personal Development Training Undertaken

Level 1 and Level 2 of the six day Sensation and Connection course run by Kim Barthel (Occupational Therapist) in Hong Kong, March 2012.

Four day series on Praxis run by Teresa A. May- Benson (Occupational Therapist) in Brisbane, August, 2012. Sessions included Clinical Assessment and Practical Interventions for Praxis – Ideation to execution; Clinical Reasoning and Treatment Planning for Praxis Intervention; Advanced Assessment for Praxis: Praxis tools for busy Therapists.

Aquatic Sensory and Motor Integration for the Pediatric Therapist offered by Aquatic Therapy University, Minesota, USA.

Completed the two day Wilbarger Sensory Defensiveness course presented by Patricia Wilbarger and Tracey Stackhouse (Occupational Therapists) at the first Sensory Tools International Symposium in Sydney in 2012

M.O.R.E (Motor, Oral, Respiratory, Eyes)
Completed the two day M.O.R.E (Motor, Oral, Respiratory, Eyes) Integrating the mouth with sensory and postural functions presented by Patricia Oetter and Eilen Richter (Occupational Therapists).
I am certified to prescribe the Wilbarger Deep Pressure and Proprioceptive Brushing Technique (DPPT) and the Oral Tactile Technique (OTT).

"It's what we do everyday that makes the difference."

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