Thank you for coming to our website, I hope that the information you find here is of use to you as you seek to help the children in your care.

Focus of Therapy

At Everyday OT we are focused on providing a client centred approach to each session. We work with the child and family to choose occupational performance related goals (what do you want and need to do?) and then structures the therapy sessions to work towards these goals (how are we going to get there?).  Much of the work we do with clients is based on play.  Children learn best when they are motivated and play is a wonderful way to achieve this.  We incorporate sensory integration and motor development theory in our sessions.  For example: When developing hand writing skills, we use games and activities that develop visual motor skills, visual spatial skills, fine and gross motor skills and self regulation skills.

Here is a little about myself and what I’ve gathered along the way on this journey:

I have a Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy) BHSc(OT), am a registered New Zealand Occupational Therapist (NZROT) and also a member of the New Zealand Association of Occupational Therapists (MNZAOT). I have also gained qualifications in Australia with an Associate Diploma of Social Studies (Child Studies), and an Associate Diploma of Recreation.

My experience contracting in private pediatric practice has been instrumental in establishing a Martial Arts based therapy program, an Aquatic sensory integration based occupational therapy program and a successful series of therapeutic based holiday programs as far back as 2012.  At this point in time my aquatic work and martial arts program are on the back burner as I concentrate on the holiday programs, skate program, adventure day camps and surfing program.

Previous to becoming an occupational therapist, I was fortunate enough to involved as a teacher and temporary Director of an extended hours kindergarten in Sydney, Australia. I also have extensive experience running holiday programs in New South Wales, New Caledonia and England and before and afterschool care programs in Sydney.

As an adult trainer for one of Australia’s largest department stores I gained valuable experience as a communicator and presenter.

All of this has focused my passion for working with families in assisting them to help their children participate as fully as they can in everyday activities.

As a mother of identical twin teenaged boys I’m constantly amazed and awestruck at how resilient children are and how quickly they learn when fun and play is involved in the activity.

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Continuing Professional Development


March 2012 – Completed Level 1 and Level 2 of the six day Sensation and Connection course run by Kim Barthel (Occupational Therapist) in Hong Kong.  She is one of the first Australian or New Zealand Occupational Therapists to attend this course on sensory integration and attachment.


August 2012 – Completed a four day series on Praxis run by Teresa A. May- Benson (Occupational Therapist) in Brisbane.  Sessions included Clinical Assessment and Practical Interventions for Praxis – Ideation to execution; Clinical Reasoning and Treatment Planning for Praxis Intervention; Advanced Assessment for Praxis: Praxis tools for busy Therapists.


Completed the distance course in Aquatic Sensory and Motor Integration for the Pediatric Therapist offered by Aquatic Therapy University, Minesota, USA.


Attended the first Sensory Tools International Symposium in Sydney and completed the two day Wilbarger Sensory Defensiveness course presented by Patricia Wilbarger and Tracey Stackhouse (Occupational Therapists).

M.O.R.E (Motor, Oral, Respiratory, Eyes)

At this symposium, I was able to complete the two day M.O.R.E (Motor, Oral, Respiratory, Eyes) which looks at integrating the mouth with sensory and postural functions presented by Patricia Oetter and Eilen Richter (Occupational Therapists). I was fortunate to have gained certification to prescribe the Wilbarger Deep Pressure and Proprioceptive Brushing Technique (DPPT) and the Oral Tactile Technique (OTT).


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